At heart we're a bunch of geeks who love growing and developing our skills, so we take this seriously. We've developed our own toolkit that describes how we pursue this at Far Edge. Some of the fun things we do include:

  • Learning tasks - we dedicate time each week to learning something new and challenging, and presenting this back to the group.
  • Developing internal toolkits - this is also a formal task, but the toolkits that we've developed are what takes the grind out of your regular tasks. If a particular task is getting repetitive and boring, it's time to automate that tool. As we said, we're geeks, and one of the things we love about developing our skills is building the toolkits that make us good at what we do.
  • Indoor rock climbing. Yes, we're serious! And no, not in the office!
  • Lunchtime Vortex - throwing around soft plastic objects to each other.


Some of the more formal structures we have for career development include:

  • Job description & role profile. It might sound odd, but many places don't actually have a role profile. We have a fully developed role profile & career progression plan for each role in the business.
  • Annual reviews. We have annual reviews for all employees. At these we look at the role profile, how well each person has met these criteria; how well people delivered projects; how has the person developed their technical, interpersonal, organisational and other skills during the year; and other performance criteria.
  • We allow employees to match themselves against personality profiling tools such as DISC and provide these inhouse. Why? This allows people assess their own development, particular strengths, and areas they'd like to work on.
  • Weekly team meetings - how is the team going, what's currently on the agenda, how are people's workload?


In short, we take looking after our learning, and our people very seriously.

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