Changing Server for a Product Deployment

As a project manager, when a new server is required for an existing product there are alot of tasks and risks they have to be aware of.

Questions to resolve:

  • Which environments are need e.g., Internal Test (SIT), External Test (UAT), Training, Production
  • Is the SQL server needed to be updated
  • Are devices need to be updated, can this be done in advance?
  • Is there any Product upgrade scripting required?
  • Is there any impact on existing reports?
  • Will there be an impact on the clients Firewall setup?
  • Are re-directions required from the existing location (if a move is required)?
  • Is the data and product required to be moved?
  • Is there enough memory present in the destination environment?
  • Confirmation that all environments are accessible by the client
  • When to have the dry run?
  • Are data transfers in place, incremental data loads improve the cut over timeframe.


  • Firewall not ready in time for the cut over
  • UAT Environments not tested thoroughly (functionality and reports)
  • The client can't access the environments
  • Latency issues
  • Key staff not available


A Production Request for Change is Required to formalise these risks and questions, and importantly assign tasks to individuals.

This document contains:

  • Why
  • Implications for not proceeding
  • Risks
  • Pre-requisite actions
  • Breakdown of cut over actions by time of the day (may need to list multiple timezones) and by whom.
  • Criteria for backing out of the cut over
  • Backout / restore plan and actions
  • Communication method leading up to and during the cut over
  • Existing issues impacting the project
  • Sign off to confirm commitment
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