How do fix iTunes after upgrading or reinstalling it

For me, iTunes falls into the category of necessary evil - I don't like the software, but I need it for my phone to work.

So when you do a update and your phone no longer syncs, it's an issue. Some of the symptoms you may see for which this is relevant:

- when you install or upgrade itunes, your AppleMobileDeviceService.exe and APSDaemon.exe*32 and or AppleMobileDeviceHelper.exe process use 100% CPU after you restart
- When you try and sync your phone it sits there verifying for a loooong time, and then eventually gets to step 1/5. It gets stuck here, typically very early in the process (i.e. the little progress bar doesn't move across very far).

I've experienced this several times in the recent past, and so I've posted my notes on how to fix it to hopefully help other souls out there.

1. Follow the uninstall / reinstall steps located at

2. Reboot.
3. Open up a cmd prompt as an administrator, and run "netsh winsock reset"

4. Reboot.

5. You should be good to go.


Some reasons why these steps might not work:

- If you have a third party network driver that sits between the physical driver and the logical device presented to the user (such as VMWare, some common programs for sharing wifi connections, pcap etc) then these can interfere. To check these head to...

- msinfo32, components, network, protocols

- It should say something along the lines of "MSAFD tcpip" which will be repeated a few times for the different adapters in your machine (e.g. ethernet, wifi, bluetooth etc)

- If you have LCP??? in there instead of MSAFD then this means you're likely in for a world of hurt. Sorry mine didn't have this so I can't tell you what comes next in the troubleshooting steps after this - the apple person (who was actually really friendly and helpful) didn't have access to these notes - apparently it gets escalated to another level within the Apple support hierarchy.

Good luck!


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