How to fix printing to local printer via CORD - HP Color Laserjet 8500 driver not found

Connecting to an RDP / Terminal Server from a Mac can be a little hit and miss. This is because the RDP protocol keeps changing, and Microsoft don't update the Mac client to keep abreast of this.

Using CORD makes this significantly easier: .

This will allow you to connect easily, and forward local printers etc.

CORD will use the "HP Colour Laserjet 8500 PS" as the generic driver to pass through to the server however. This driver is not available for Windows Server 2008 R2, so you need to engage in a little trickery.

-         Install a universal HP PS driver (search for Colour Laserjet 4350n Postscript driver) - found here

-         Create a custom printer redirect mapping file and a couple of registry settings. Good Microsoft Article on how to do this found here

Example File contents: c:\windows\inf\ntprintsubs.inf


;Printer mapping file for client-side to server-side drivers

"HP Color LaserJet 8500 PS" = "HP Universal Printing PS"
"HP Color LaserJet CP4520 Series" = "HP Universal Printing PS"

You need to put this in c:\windows\inf and create the two registry keys described in this article: (these are the values I used)

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\Wds\rdpwd
    Create new REG_SZ key #1: PrinterMappingINFName
    Value: c:\windows\inf\ntprintsubs.inf

    Create new REG_SZ key #2: PrinterMappingINFSection
    Value: Printers

Refer to the Microsoft article for more of an explanation of how these work.


And then

    restart the print spool service
    log off / log on again from the Mac client

If it works then you *should not see* any event viewer errors when the Mac client logs on about the printer not being redirected correctly. And of course you should see a new "redirected printer" in the server, that actually allows you to print!

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