We take pride in the quality of our work and are experts in developing large-scale applications for both online and desktop architectures across a wide range of technologies.

We've developed everything from critical medical diagnostic software for thousands of users worldwide to workflow systems that support millions of documents and high numbers of concurrent active users.

All our projects are fully version controlled, allowing for tightly regulated testing, release and deployment.

We provide defect tracking and status reporting mechanisms to ensure that all issues raised during testing are satisfactorily addressed. Our developers are active participants in technical newsgroups, providing assistance to others while keeping up-to-date with recent developments and issues.

Our developers have experience in writing complex medical diagnostic software for thousands of users worldwide, including blood banks and the military.

Our workflow systems have been scaled to support millions of documents and over 25 concurrent active users, running on conventional hardware, through thoughtful design and rigorous testing.


Licensing costs of software can be a barrier to the implementation of new technologies in many organisations. We are experienced researchers of open-source solutions, providing our clients with reliable and high-quality defect tracking, ISO certification, timesheeting and trouble ticketing systems. Where no free solutions are available, we can evaluate commercial products and reduce the inherent risk in IT infrastructure investment.

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