While off-the-shelf products are the most suitable choice for many applications, sometimes they can be inappropriate for your needs. Our skilled developers can tailor a software solution to your exact needs.

Case Study: Biotechnology

Far Edge has been working with this Australian biotechnology manufacturer since 1999, leading development in its flagship analysis and instrument control software. The organisation has since grown significantly in the last five years to becoe a key player in the global marketplace.

Far Edge’s programmers have expertise in software-configuration management. Far Edge implemented CVS and other Open Source tools so that the client is now able to maintain production versions of the software, while R&D continues at full pace in parallel. Far Edge also built sophisticated tools to provide root-cause analysis, release management and version documentation.

Since 2003 Far Edge has assisted the client in the selection and training of in-house developers, ensuring knowledge transfer and the long-term success of the organisation. Far Edge continues to provide consulting services including software development, network support and web hosting.

Case Study: Manufacturing

Far Edge has been involved with this large-scale manufacturing client since 1997, initially providing project resources and later delivering a number of software development projects.

Some examples are:

  • development of a document review system for the client's legal team. Far Edge used its expertise to optimise the database and code design resulting in excellent performance with over 25 users accessing several million documents stored on the same storage device (ASP/SQL Server)
  • development of a web-based performance management system. Deployed regionally in Asia Pacific, this system includes online multidimensional graphical analysis (ASP/SQL Server/Analysis Services)
  • development of a time-sheet system for the large internal IT department. This system was deployed to 60+ desktops and included management reporting (VB/SQL Server)
  • Access development for bespoke customer relations and manufacturing systems quality assurance. Far Edge provided review and audit services for appraisal of third-party software development, including code and database review and recommendations.

Case Study: Travel

Far Edge has been working with this travel agent since 2000, initially managing their network and providing support, and later developing a workflow system for their operators.

Some of the benefits of this system have been:

  • dropped the time required to produce quotes and bookings by half
  • enabled the business to reduce costs, as well as grow income in a contracting marketplace
  • increased accuracy and consistency of quotations
  • integrates with MYOB to allow easy financial reporting
  • reduced licensing costs through the use of opensource tools (java/tomcat/mysql)

Project Gallery

We have a gallery of development work we have been involved in, including screen-shots and interactive demonstrations located at http://example.faredge.com.au.

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