Far Edge Technology

System Integration

Far Edge has been a major contributor to the design and implementation of a sophisticated and key Salesforce data integration solution for a major Australian and multinational insurance company.

The solution involves integration of data from several insurance portfolios and includes tens of thousands of quotes, which are sourced daily from multiple Microsoft SQL Server databases and integrated into the organisation’s central Salesforce platform. This prevents the need for underwriters to enter quotation data into multiple applications, ensuring data consistency and providing the organisation with savings of countless hours of manual data entry and significant improvements in productivity.

Far Edge provided the expertise to design and develop the solution, working closely with key stakeholders and integration points throughout the organisation to deliver the desired result.

Also included in the package of deliverables was detailed solution documentation including specifications, support documentation, and test suites.

New features for the solution continue to be provided to the organisation, together with on-demand support and analytical expertise.

Converting NSW Fire Brigade's process review

Review and recommendations for the NSW Fire Brigade’s processes with respect to their interaction with Fire Alarm Service Providers.

The NSW Fire Brigade required an independent review of their business processes relating to their Fire Alarm Service Providers due to the unsustainable manual effort required to maintain appropriate protocols.

Far Edge provided  

  • Analysis of current process and system interactions through interviews (internal and external)
  • Workshop and present “As Is” analysis, recommendations and initial future processes and system interaction for development of requirements document
  • Development of functional specification for new processes (internal and external stockholders)
  • Completion of test plan, test objective matrix, test cases and training/instruction manual
  • Systems and process implemented
  • Improved project documentation standards


After completion of the project by the NSW FB IT Department, the process and development was audited, and passed with flying colours.

Tenders Online

TendersOnline is a powerful website for tendering, designed and built by Far Edge for Cordell Pty Ltd.

“The interactive tender portal where buyers and sellers come together online to do business.” TendersOnline

Far Edge provided  

  • Initial peer review
  • Design of the overall system infrastructure and platform
  • Investigation into client requirements, via interviews and mock
  • Writing of specifications, change requests and full lifecycle documentation
  • Overall Project Management as an agile (modified) project  
  • Change request
  • Management of test defects
  • Full development from ground up
  • A customised Google Search Appliance (GSA)
  • Deployment