Far Edge Technology
Cloud computing is on-demand delivery of infrastructure and software ‘as services’, reducing up-front costs and providing flexibility. Rather than purchasing a physical server or a fixed number of licences, you pay for what you use.
More and more organisations migrate to the Cloud for every day basics like Outlook, Office apps and Teams. Cloud computing can also deliver storage and processing power for your organisation’s application and storage needs.
You can increase the number and specifications of virtual servers and databases as needed, then reduce capacity when it’s no longer required, all without the expensive up front investment in hardware and licences or the onerous depreciation and disposal obligations that follow.

We support organisations of all sizes and varied needs:

  • Sole-traders and small businesses using the standard Microsoft Office 365 suite
  • Organisations with hundreds of staff across multiple sites and states accessing 3rd party applications such as CRMs
  • NFPs providing national helpline services that use virtual PBX solutions hosted in ‘the Cloud’
  • and more