Far Edge Technology

Cyber Security is fast becoming a top priority for organisations.  

Malware, viruses, elaborate scams evolve daily. Having the right policies, tools and staff training in place is essential.  

Proactive Security Management

We use a range of tools to keep your network secure, including firewalls, anti-virus solutions, network monitoring software and backups. 

Our engineers keep up to date with ever-evolving IT security risks and best mitigation solutions available. 

We offer regular reviews against best practice to protect your digital assets and provide your shareholders and board-members with peace of mind. 

Responding to a Security Breach

Sometimes we are introduced to a client after a cyber-attack or system failure has occurred and our role is to remedy the problem.  

We work to secure your network, recover data from available backups and put prevention measures in place to reduce the risk of another breach to a minimum.  

Audit and Consulting Services

We are often called in to audit the cyber security aspect of an organisation’s IT infrastructure and close the gaps. 
Our services include: 
  • Analysis of existing security measures against best practice 
  • Recommendations for the board or stakeholders 
  • Implementation of recommended improvements 
  • Disaster Recovery Planning & annual testing 
  • Training for staff