Far Edge Technology

How do we design your network?

Review and Audit

Businesses survive today in an environment where technology is constantly advancing.

Our technical engineers can show you how to update and protect your business network when we assess and audit your current network configuration thoroughly and accurately.

We will examine policy problems undermining the security of your organisation, incorrect configurations as well as architectural flaws undermining the efficiency of your network.

In our review and audit, we:

  • Find out whether your network design takes care of your business requirements efficiently and economically
  • Gather information about your network and system to make certain it is flexible and agile
  • Check that your equipment and procedures are current and able to be adapted to incorporate future technological advances
  • Ensure your system is flexible and agile enough to accommodate company changes such as organic growth, mergers, acquisitions and divestments
  • Test your system’s security to ensure your files and transactions are safe and confidential.
  • Confirm that your policies are well-developed and enforced

Following our audit, we develop a report for your company that includes:

  • An analysis of your network and its business environment
  • An action plan, in which we explain, not only the recommended changes clearly, but also the cost benefits to your company.

Design and Implement

We implement networks by:

  • Enabling you to share files and documents with people inside your office, around Australia and overseas
  • Allowing you to share office equipment such as printers and scanners
  • Installing backup systems for all your data
  • Installing firewalls
  • Establishing standards for new computers and software
  • Develop IT policies for your business.
  • Checking that installation and configuration is consistent.

Network Support

Far Edge engineers look after your network so your business can function productively and economically.

We maintain and support your network by:

  • Analysing and managing network risks
  • Preventing viruses and worms from entering your system
  • Managing your relationship with your service provider

We update your network system by:

  • adding new employees to the network
  • familiarising employees with the network system
  • connecting your home and second office to your main network
  • advising you about new industry trends and standards